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Dragnet – Claude Jimmerson, Child Killer. 500202

Two girls are missing, and it’s Joe Friday’s job to find them. Working the Homacide department with partner, Ben Romero, Friday begins to gather details.

Troubling news comes in when the girls dog is found dead, and found far from the girls neighborhood. In voiceover, Joe Friday shares all the details and setbacks of the case. The parents are in shock all during the vigil through the night, as the cops continue their diligent search and gathering clues. . With the coming of daybreak, the search is doubled as cops and neighbors comb the landscape.

The rainy weather seems to have washed all clues away. The diligent search finally pays off, but the bodies of the girls only proves that a maniac has been on the loose. The manhunt turns to a search for a psychopath, and the cops discuss the troubles on their hands in dealing with crimes like this.

In voiceover, Friday reviews clues that lead to a neighbor, Claude Jimmerson. Though his past record begins to reveal a profile of a child molester, will the cops dig up the hard evidence needed to arrest their man?

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