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21st Precinct – The Collar. ep39, 540407

Posted by Keith on December 31, 2012

In voiceover, Captain Frank Canelli describes an armed felony in action, and the responce of his uniformed patrolmen. It’s a domestic dispute that has overflowed to involve waving pistols around. When John is hauled away in cuffs, his wife thinks the cops are just butting into her personal affairs. Of course, Canelli has to explain that it’s for the protection of not only her, but her neighbors.

John is no saint, and has a history of encounters with the law. But there’s something fishy with the arrest. Canelli sifts through the evidence to find a cop who didn’t follow correct proceedure. Now he has to call a pair of his patrolmen on the carpet to chew them out about the importance of proper procedures, and not bending the rules for personal convenience.

The audio cuts off a little short, but all that is implied is that John might be more than a petty arrest, and the botched procedure might have jeopardized the legal process.

Lum and Abner – Mr Adams Arrives. 420316

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Cedric is the center of curious happenings. To get to his secret behind the large sums of money he has been spending, Lum made him a partner in the store. Today regrets have set in once it was revealed that the lantern has no real magic. Be that as it may, Lum knows there’s still something else going on for Cedric to have so much money.

Lum shares with Abner a little of his thoughts on the mysterious Mr Adams who has come to town looking for Cedric. Abner gets slightly confused about being a fly on the wall. Also about what taking shorthand means. Leaving Cedric in the store to talk to Mr Adams, Lum and Abner hide within earshot to spy on the conversation.

What will they learn? Why is Mr Adams interested in Lum’s deliveries of Diogenes pamphlets? How is it related to his interest in Cedrics catalog orders with all the money has come into?

Vic and Sade – Sade Short Changed. 440714

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Sade arrives home to find Russel and Vic analyzing their expert game play after Russel lost to Vic at Rummy. She shares her worry that the clerk at Yamelton’s Department store short changed her, and recounts the events at the check out counter.

Can Vic help her account for her money, and make sure? All he needs to know is how much money she started with, how much she spent, and how much cash she came home with. Now the trouble begins. Sade can’t remember how muchh money she started out with, and her memory of her purchases tangles the knotted mess even tighter. Russel does his best by keeping notes on a piece of paper, and Vic does the interrogation.

It’s always amazing to see how twisted Sade’s accounting methods are.

Gunsmoke – Hound Dog. 561230

Posted by Keith on December 30, 2012

Chester hasn’t had much luck at the poker tables. Though Matt isn’t going to support his habit, Kitty might. Doc has news about a shooting in town that gets Matt concerned until it turns out to only be an old hound dog. Matt still sees it as a precursor to troublre.

Riding out to the homestead to investigate potential ttrouble Matt makes sure what the motivation for shooting the dog was all about. Why would a man want to shoot a dog? Was it mean spirited, or is there something deeper going on? Matt uncovers a dispute between neighbors, but should the law stay ut of it and let the citezens settle matters on their own?

There’s a simple solution to calm down tempers, and keep a feud from taking shape.

Dr Kildare – Hunting Trip. 500706

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Doctors Kildare and Gilespie get ready for a vacation and a hunting trip. When a colleague, Dr Wheeler, is upset over his performance in the operating room,

will it ruin their trip? Nope, our heros hhead to the woods. At their destination, the small town is troubled by an epidemic and have no local doctors to deal with the medical emergency. The hunting has to be put aside to help save a few lives.

Thanks to the medical and diagnostic skills of Doctors Gilespie and kildare, treatment is forthcoming, and preventative measures are taken. Will they ever make it out to the woods? Has the experience swayed Doc Kildare to leave the big city behind, and become a small town doctor? It does have a benefit when Doc Wheeler comes with supplies, and that troubled surgeon has the chance to save a life and regain hisw confidence.

But wait, Kildare thinks there’s more going on with Dr Wheeler. What could it be that’s causing his migraines?

Jack Benny – End Of The Contest. 451230

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The contest ended on December 24th, bt it will still take a couple of weeks to sort through the overwhelming results. Join Jack and Mary at home as they review some of the entries. Polly the Parrot and Rochester do their part to read mail, and take part in running gags.

Phil arrives and goes over some of the mail. Complaints arise over some of the Christmas gifts from last week. Will Jack ever teach Polly to say Happy New Year? Why is Don singing? Larry Stevens sings a tune.

Steve Bradley, Jack’s publicity man, arrives to talk about the prizes that will be awarded. Jack has to visit the vault to make a withdrawal. Despite parting with his cash, Jack gets an early visit from the little boy new year with a bright outlook on the optimistic year.

Amos and Andy – And The Winner Is. 440519

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Henry Vanporter and Andy are to be judges of a beauty contest, and go over their rules for judging the photos and the prizes for the winner. Bribes soon enter the picture, and the honest contest that Andy and Henry plan will be corrupted if Kingfish has his way. With all the bribes and expectations flying around, someone still has to come out a winner, and someone will get their pockebooks emptied. How will this deadlock turn out?

Amos proposes a disinterested third judge to sep in. Cecil Ber DeMill is contacted to fill the bill.

Black Museum – The Raincoat. ep35, 1952

Posted by Keith on December 29, 2012

A typical raincoat is presented by Orson Wells as the object of focus in the Black Museum. How is it connected to murder?

When friends get worried, they go to check on Martha. Her bloody body is found wrapped in a raincoat. Now it’s up to Scotland Yard to investigate to learn who might have done such a brutal deed.

What was the motive? Robbery, some kind of personal conflict, love, jealousy, or something else?

Martha’s husband John is arrested, but do the cops have the right man?

Will the raincoat be strong enoug evidence to overcome John’s airtight alibi? Courtroom drama ensues as the clues are examined. With the amount of blood, is it possible for the killer to escape without tracking through it, or ending up covered with it? The case is an ellusive one. Will there be a small bit of evidence, or personal testimony that might crack the case wide open?

Will guilt be found, or not? It’s in the hands of the jury.

Vic and Sade – Uncle Fletcher Miffed With Sade. 440713

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Family clashes seem to be the topic of the day. Russel shares with Vic why he’s on the outs with Sade. Sade enters to dampen the high spirits of Vic even further to tell how she got on the bad side of uncle Fletcher. He wanted to tell one of his all important speeches to her, but in doing so, he tracked up her clean kitchen floor.

In her tired state, Sade was sharp with him and now feels bad about it. Fletcher arrives to have a confusing conversation with Vic about an atlas. Has he forgotten the sharp exchange of words with Sade earlier? Is he planning a trip? Fletcher seems OK, but is a little cold with Sade.

Lum and Abner – Cedric Is A Partner. 420313

Posted by Keith on December 28, 2012

Lum is worried that word of Cedric’s magic lantern is getting out. The lantern was mistakenly loaned to the McMillan boys, and Lum frets that those boys are out with the lantern, getting all the money they want.

More mysterious things emerge. Who is Mr Adams, and why is he calling about Cedric? Is there any danger the magic in the lantern could get all used up?

Cedric comes back with Diogenes lantern, and Lum wants to make sure such a valuable lantern won’t stray far from his control. Will Cedric accept his offer to become a partner in the store? Will Lum learn the secret in the lantern? After the deal is made, Cedric shares the secret that it isn’t the lantern that has magic.