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Jack Benny – From Birmingham Hospital In Van Nuys, CA. 451118

Playing to the military crouwd at the Birmingham hospital, Jack, Don, and Mary tailor their jokes tolife on the post. Jokes about doctors, and medicine are a theme. Phil enters with his characteristic loud entrance, and jokes about his nightlife with the band. Larry Stevens reads a fan letter… sort of. Larry’s song is snipped, and the military related jokes fade into a recap of Jack’s recent ordeal with his burglar.

Rochester phones in to report that Jack’s robber had come back. He shares how brave he wasn’t in the face of danger. Before Phil can get wound up for a band number, Joe Louis is back to show off his comedy muscles. Joe also gives a boxing lesson to Phil and Jack. After Phil’s snipped number, Mary goes into flashback mode to tell about Jack’s hospital stay recently.

Frank Nelson is his doctor, and gives Jack an exam especially designed for a comedy sketch. A baby tosses in some strange twists to the medical results.

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