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Gunsmoke – Tail To The Wind. 561125

Just in from Metal Flats, Doc is upset over the happenings over at the Reese place. Matt rides out to see what the rivalry is all about. A grudge between a mild mannered man, and one with the disposition of a mountain lion has been uncovered.

In the Saturday afternoon crowd in the Long Branch Matt talks with Kitty and Chester, until Doc announces that trouble is waiting out in the street. Can Matt call out the bully, Burke Reese, and expose him for the coward that he is?

Can Matt stir up Reese, and force his hand? Is Reese wise enough to keep from making a move that Matt can react to? He’s running out of options, other than taking small satisfaction in the cowardly reaction of Reese. Has the mild mannered Hezzie solved his own problem withthe bullying Reeses?

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