Danger Doctor Danfield – Little Meteorite Who Wanted To Be A Star. ep25, 47-02-02 (retro403)

Danger Doctor Danfield – Little Meteorite Who Wanted To Be A Star. ep25, 47-02-02 (retro403)

The main job that Doc Danfield has is that of college professor, and lecturer. We don’t usually see him in that capacity, but today the show opens with him putting the finishing moments on a lecture and talking with a few students afterward. To relax, he and his secretary, Rusty Fairfax go to see a corny comedy stage show. The listener is privvy to a private moment behind the scene once the goofy stage act is done. In reality, the comedy partners hate each other, and we witness a short argument. Is it a surprise that a scream from backstage signals a murder has been committed? Good thing Doc Danfield is on hand to observe the clues at the crime scene.

Questioning the actors and stage hands, Dan learns of the usual whereabouts of the players, and tries to account for their actions. Will he uncover the rift between the comedians? If someone else knows about it, might this be a good time to have set up the surviving partner in the team to take the fall?

In a break from the case, Dan and Rusty relax by taking a wintery sleigh ride. The change of pace inspires Dan to figure out the true method of death, and who the killer is. Get ready for the conclusion, where Dan explains it all.

Bonus Track:
Elvis Presley. Santa Bring My Baby Back to Me.

Also, Keith talks a few minutes about the upcoming move that will take the website, and podcast to a new server. If all goes as expected, nobody should notice any disruption in service. Only some password resets, and a few site features will change.

PS: Get ready for more Christmas music, and regular shows with a Christmas theme from now, until Christmas.