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Bing Crosby – Christmas Show

Posted by Keith on November 30, 2012


  1. In keeping with his tradition Bing opens with, Adeste Fidelis.

  2. The Christmas Song.
  3. The Charioteers join Bing for a version of jazzed up, Jingle Bells
  4. White Christmas.
  5. Ken Carpenter narrates a Christmas drama about a Mexican donkey. Bing helps a boy see the good in his old donkey, though his dad thinks the animal is no longer any use, and wants to sell the beast of burden. Will Pablo be forced to carry out his dad’s intentions? Can he prove his donkey is still special?
  6. Bing sings, Silent Night.

Dragnet – The Big Gone. 541130

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Joe Friday is on Robbery Detail, and goes to investigate trouble at a flower shop. Friday seems to have a little hang up over the Southern drawl of the flower shop man who was robbed at gun point, but the details eventually unfold.

The clerk isn’t a man to be fooled with. He had a gun, and returned gunfire, doing his own damage back on the bad guys, claiming to have wounded one, killed another, while the third man got away. A wierd twist happens when Friday says that the ambulance only picked up one man.

The dead man is missing. The clerk is insistent that what he reported is the truth. What happened to the dead man? Other witnesses give the same report, they thought the missing man was dead and nobody saw him get up. Not convinced, Friday keeps looking for that man.

One of the robbers is caught the hard way, with a bullet. Any testimony from about the missing body won’t be happening.

Through police files and records, associates of the criminal are identified. More clues lead Friday to a dry cleaner, and on the trail of their robbers. Solid alibis seem to block their efforts, but it won’t stop the police from continuing the investigation to discover what happened to their missing man.

Wow, an unsolved crime on Dragnet.

Jubilee – Count Basie Teddy Wilson. 431130

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In the absence of Ernie Whitman, a substitute announcer, carries the functions of emcee.

Count Basey is introduced, and starts right in with the Wood Choppers Ball. Count Basy calls his vocalist, Jimmy Rushing, to the mike to sing, Baby Won’t You Please Come Home.

Next, Teddy Wilson reads greetings from the mailbag before going into the B Flat Swing. Teddy Wilson continues with, Feeling Good.

Thelma Carpenter is on hand to dedicate a song, Do Nothing Til You Hear From Me. Earl Warren sings, Don’t Believe Everything You Dream.

Greetings are read from the mailbag, then Count Basey is back with, I Found a new Baby. Count Basey, and host say a few parting words.

I still can’t figure who the substitute host might be. He is alternately referred to as either Ralph, or Bob. Though he’s a white guy, and doesn’t quite have that jivey presence of good ol’ Ernie, he actually pulls off the slangy dialog fairly well.

Jonathan Thomas and His Christmas on the Moon – Jonathan Promises To Find Santa Claus. ep2, 381130

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Jonathan and his teddy bear, Gus, have gone to bed, but when Gus is missing, Jonathan finds himself in the middle of an adventure. Santa has been kidnapped, and with the Man in the Moon Jonathan goes to King Cole’s court. Witnesses are called upon to get to the bottom of Santa’s kidnapping. The looney, and fairy tale characters put it up to Jonathan to find Santa.

Cinnamon Bear – Weary Willy. ep2, 371130.

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The Cinnamon Bear shrinks the twins down to be 4 inches tall. They use a Christmas ornament airplane to fly in search of the Crazy Quilt Dragon and the Silver Star. The free loading Weary Willie drinks all their soda pop fuel for their airplane. Will they be stranded here forever?

Note: As our heros go on their adventure, they meet other memorable characters on this quest, including the Crazy Quilt Dragon (who repeatedly tries to take the star for himself) , the Wintergreen Witch, Fe Fo the Giant, and even Santa Claus. The show was created by a group of merchants as an advertising promotion, and was recorded in a hurry in just a few weeks. It was produced by Lindsay MacHarrie (who also provided the voice of Westley the Whale and several other characters in the show). The voice of The Cinnamon Bear was done by Buddy Duncan, a little person, and several other notable radio voices lent their talents.

To read more, and download all the shows at once be sure to visit: Times Past Old Time Radio Archives: Cinnamon Bear (OTRR Certified)

Aldrich Family – Selling Christmas Cardse

Posted by Keith on November 29, 2012

Actually aired in the Summer time, when seasonal cards are produced, and selling them offered folks of the old time radio era a chance to earn a few dollars. Henry Aldrich is trying to work with a card company to get some samples to show, so he can get orders. He isn’t motivated by selfish gain, but he’s trying to do his part in his patriotic duty to buy war bonds. At the same time, his dad is organizing the community event to promote the war bond sales.

The telegraph office is the center of mix ups when the two Aldrich men have their long distant messages mistaken. Will the crazy mix ups ruin both plans to sell Christmas cards and war bonds? Some how it all manages to work out.

Let George Do It – Stand In For Murder. 481129

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A man writes to George with a problem. He has to commit a crime to keep from being in trouble.

When he talks to George in person, it is a matter of blackmail. He is trying to get out of being involved with a racket, but he doesn’t know what his job is to be yet. Though his story sounds like a cliche, George decides to give the guy a break. He takes on his identity, and puts the man under wraps.

When George shows up at the prearranged meeting, a fresh body is waiting for him, along with a paniky, and overly dramatic secretary. Brooksie sets out to follow the secretary, while George is hauled into the police station.

The cops are disgruntled to know that he’s involved, but George smells a set up. He continues the charade to keep the killer off guard, then sets up his own little trap. With a room full of thugs, he plays the desperate outlaw card, and puts on pressure to make them talk. Then with a few phone calls to Brooksie, and the cops, George calls in the big guns and closes the net on his catch.

Now here’s the real mystery, who is the top dog in this little ring of crime, and who are the henchmen? It all comes out when the gang is delivered to the cops.

Burns and Allen – Gracie Goes Back to College. 451129

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In order to recieve his inheritance, George has to go back to college. He feels uncomfortable on the campus with all those young kids. Gracie and Bill Goodwin try to butter him up, and boost his confidence. When a classmate pops in, he and Gracie seem to hit it off and swap some jive talk.

With George gone, Gracie talks to bandleader, Meredeth Willson about a better idea to keep George motivated. What he needs is someone more his own age to hang out with. Jack Benny is the perfect man to go to and ask.

Turning on her charms, Gracie sweet talks Jack. Will she convince Jack to go back to college? Improving his mind, enjoying sports, hanging out with pretty girls… I think she has him hooked, especially when she offers to pay Jack’s tuition, room and board.

Later, Gracie sees a marked improvement in George’s grades and attitude since his best friend is in school with him. Just how well are the older gents going in class? Um… let’s just say the school is making a lot of money on these two.

We learn that a popularity contest is in the making at school. It all hinges on winning the coed vote. Wanting to see George win it, Gracie tries her hand at campaigning to a Southern gal on campus. Will her convenient lies do the trick? Or will Jack be able to counteract the damage? A tallent contest might sway the contest. To duel it out George sings, and Jack plays his violin.

Get ready for some Gracie style sabotage as Sugarthroat Burns faces off with Jack’s violin. In the end they put together a comic duo to highlight their skills. Also a little battle of sponsor plugging.

PS: Listeners might recognize the young coed as Leila Ransom from the Gildersleeves show.

Also to get a bonus track, and to hear a few comments from Keith, check out this episode:
Burns and Allen – George Goes To College, with Jack Benny. 451129, (retro389).
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Abbott and Costello – Opening A Gas Station. 451129.

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Bud and Lou have a new gas station and they talk about girls, work, cars, and things about servicing cars. After plenty of word playing, Lou talks about his new car.

Will Osbourne plays, Tampico.

Back in the gas station, Lou waits on a couple of customers. His girlfriend from previous episodes returns, Lena Ghensta, to harrass him about her car. He tries to appease her with some perfume, and special lipstick.

Ken and Mrs Niles drop in at the gase station to see how the business is going, then Lou and Bud give it to them. Lou complains about all the work he does, but it all comes back to joking about girls.

Connie Haines sings, Navajo Trail.

Mrs Niles, verna Felton, is back the next day to pick up her car. Lou has bad news about the wreck he had in it. Lou tries to make it right and offers his own car as a replacement. To prove how good it works, he takes the gang for a car ride.

Officer Mellonhead pulls Lou over. The insults nearly get Lou hauled in, but it ends up with getting under Mellonhead’s skin so everything Lou says offends him.

Jonathan Thomas and His Christmas on the Moon – Santa Claus Is Kidnapped By The Squeebublians. ep1, 381129

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The grandfather clock in the hall has struck 8, and Jonathan heads off to bed. The 6 year old, and his teddy bear Gus have a bedtime story read. As things have a way of doing, he finds himself in the storyGus is missing, but Jonathan encounters a goofy, but friendly innkeeper known as the Man on the Moon. Who are the Squeebubbles, and what do they want? The report comes in, Santa has been kidnapped.