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Jack Benny – Jack Goes Trick Or Treating. 481031

Posted by Keith on October 31, 2012

The boys of the Beaver club compare notes on what they got from trick or treating. As the kids keep comparing notes, they tell secrets about Jack.

When the gang arrives at Mary’s house, Jack parts company, and goes in for a visit. Mary and Jack talk about the article that appeared about him in a recent magazine issue. Hooking back up with the Beavers, Jack’s recurring echo makes a comeback. (The echo, which only he can hear, has been plaguing Jack since the beginning of the season.)

Jack eavesdrops at Dennis Day’s house to listen to a conversation between him and his mom. Dennis sings, Honey Wait for Me.

Jack tries to impress the kids, and scare a pedestrian, who turns out to be Mr Kitzel. He talks to Jack about his wife, going to the movies, and his small apartment.

Next stop, Phil Harris, where the Beavers pull a prank on his trash cans. Phil invites them in, and shows off his old photo albums. The Beavers go to Dons for a treat. As the kids wait outside, Jack goes in to hear the Sportsmen sing a scary Halloween tune.

Jack parts company at the end of the evening, and the show. Then on the way home, Jack has an idea for one last treat. Hey, it’s worth a shot.

Note: Early in the show Jack mentions getting Strongheart for trick or treating. Strongheart was his sponsor for his television show.

Superman – The Nitrate Shipment, 8of9. 410507

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With all the passengers held captive in the cabin of the spies, Clark faces having to change to Superman to rescue them all, and give away his identity. There’s still the hope that his new friend Pug Flanagan will manage to stay clear, and not be captured. The suspicious youth is tipped off, but will he be able to fight his way clear of the spies? Even so, what could he do on his own?

The spies are growing desperate as the storm kicks up, and time to sink the ship draws nearer. Tense moments tick by as Pug works on a plan, and Clark remains watchful for the moment that he can best use to turn the tables. The lights go out, there’s a burst of activity, but is it going to be enough?

Green Hornet – Trouble Hits The Trolleys. 390608

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When a local politician runs for office, strange events involving the trolleys of the city mass transit system begin having wrecks.

As public safety concerns arise, Jim Reed connects the two events, and does his best to uncover the abuse of public safety to win the election as the Green Hornet.

The Shadow – The Three Ghosts. 371031.

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Lamont Cranston needs a vacation after his recent exhausting adventures. He picks a resort that is said to be haunted. To combat the aledged supernatural killer ghosts, the Shadow uses his own supernatural ability to put in his own scare. The Shadow soon discovers other strange happenings, blackmail, and murder.

Can the Shadow teach the bad guys a lesson by acting as the voice of their conscience? Will his powers of mind control cause their gang to disintegrate? The Shadow instigates doubt, and double cross between the criminals to the point they start killing each other off. Once there’s enough solid evidence, the cops are called in to sweep up the mess.

PS: I find it amazing in this, and other old radio shows that when the bad guys try to use the supernatural realm as a cover, or basis for their crimes, they are foiled. Their ruse is exposed, and the natural explanation comes out. Yet the good guys use supernatural powers, and are never exposed or found out. Is that fair?

Nero Wolfe – The Care Worn Cuff. ep2, 501027

Posted by Keith on October 30, 2012

The worlds laziest, fattest, and grumpiest detective naps as the phone rings at his elbow. Still, he calls on his right hand man, Archie to handle it. Charles Porter is a man with a problem, and with the $1000 that he’s willing to pay, Nero has no complaint about hearing what he has to say. What does a client named Dorothy Spencer have to do with Charles Porter? Is the man who came to see Nero the real Charles Porter for that matter?

A little poking around reveals that the cos are looking for Charles as well, but they think he’s the killer in their latest murder investigation,. Is Dorothy hiding something? Nero has a little fun watching the police on the chase of the wrong crook. The scent of a bath soap offers a clue for the amazing powers of deduction possessed by the overweight investigator. It’s enough for Archie to locate their man.

Nero orchestrates the powers of his detective assistant, and those of the police force to ensure the killer is picked up. Who is it? What are the clues that played such an important part in identifying the crook? Stay tuned as Nero lays out the details.

Note: Again, we see a different sidkick for the crabby boss. Lamonte Johnson is Archie. Sidney Greenstreet is Nero.

Our Miss Brooks – Halloween Party. 491030.

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Connie hasn’t been getting much rest, and Mrs Davis talks with her about it. Walter Denton approaches Miss Brooks about his big Halloween party plans. She’s a little reluctant, until she learns that Mr Boynton will be there.

Elsewhere, Mr Conklin has had a sleepless night, and troubles of his own. He’s a little accident prone, and his nerves and hypertension are at peak
levels. He’s definitely not up for the clash with Connie Brooks today, and unknown to him, the Halloween party has moved to his house for the fun later.

Listen in and find out what all the cool students and teachers are wearing to the costume party. Enjoy the slow burns, and reactions that Gale Gordon is so good at as Conklin deals with the invasion to his space.

Jack Benny – Jacks Halloween Party. 381030.

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In Jack’s Beverly Hills home, he gets ready for his big Halloween party. Rochester, and Mary helps him out, as they tease him about his party supplies Kenny tells about some pranks he is pulling to celebrate the holiday. Kenny sings, Heaven Again.

The party preparations continue, and more guests arrive.

Note: Unless I have my dates mixed up, at the same time this episode was airing, on another network Orson Wells was scaring the nation with his famous episode of the Mercury Theater. The show was, War of the Worlds. So, if you’re listening to Jack instead, don’t worry, there aren’t any aliens. Just keep laughing.

World Adventurers Club – Land Of Doomed Souls. ep6, 1933

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The Land of Lost Souls is a place in Northern South America where condemned men are sent to prison. Extreme and experimental surgeries are conducted to study the criminal brain. For the devoted wives of the convicts, they are allowed to accompany their husbands, and even raise families. It’s just that the families and even the offspring are considered convicts as well. Creepy.

Jack Benny – Jack Benny Grocery Store Part 2. 341021

Posted by Keith on October 29, 2012

Audio is staticky with a few record skips. Jack seems sleepy and worn out as he tells Don Wilson about his latest movie that is being made. Mary enters, and is just as tired. Frank Parker and even Don Bestor are tired, but for different reasons. Mary has a poem to read, O Fall Is Here. Don’s song is snipped.

Jack announces a guest, a violin player, which is just an actor who is a springboard to get in some musical jokes. What nifty tricks might he perform? Frank Parker has his song snipped.

Reprising the drama from last week, Jack and Mary become owners of a rustic grocery store. Join in for more bad examples of customer service technique, but plenty of set ups for old yolks… er, make that old jokes. Running gags related to the violin bit earlier, and pop culture of the times are mingled with bunches of food jokes.

Note: A few references to the current pop culture include the line, “Want to buy a duck?” A catch phrase made popular by another comedian of the day. Also a little Marx Brothers humor is tossed in when Mary and Jack talk to an Italian customer. Radio Star magazine presents an award for distinguished service at the end of the show. The first such award going to a comedian.

Life of Riley – Riley Seeks Knowledge. 481029

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Riley seeks to improve his mind, but his ideas don’t come from books. It’s more his speed to get his information from listening to radio shows. I wonder if he would tune in to the Retro Radio Podcast? Naw! We’re probably too high class for him.

It seems that his behavior has been an embarrassment for Babs, who is now in college, and has a new set of friends. Riley consults with his eavsdropping neighbor, Gillis. Armed with new advice, he buys an old encyclopedia, determined to read it through. Well, at least one volume. Well at least one article from it.

When Babs has her friends over, Riley tries to show off his one tidbit of info. Can you believe it? He ends up with a cold shoulder from both Babs and Peg. He does get some excellent advice from Digger ODell though. Riley bites the bullet, humbles himself, and asks forgiveness from his wife and daughter.

Will that new knowledge ever pay off? Sure! in the final scene Riley gets the chance to shine with his one bit of new knowledge. Maybe.