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Jack Benny – Rosebowl. 480104

Posted by Keith on September 30, 2012

As a new year begins, Jack and his cast flashback to their trip to the Rosebowl game. Going against his stingy character, Jack surprises everyone when he springs for the tickets to the game. Before going, Mary jokes about her recent illness, and the doctor that Jack referred her to visit. A joke that runs through the rest of the episode.

With this being the cold and flu season, the Sportsmen are out with illness, but never fear, they are replaced by their wives just for today. As the big date to attend the game goes down, enjoy a glimpse of Jack on a date with Mary, scalpers, and fun with other cast members. There’s even a trip in the Maxwell with Rochester to add a few laughs.

What would a new years show be without a fedw drinking jokes with Phil Harris? Mr Kitzel sells a few hotdogs, before the bigf moment to enter the stadium arrives as the show comes to a final punch line.

You Are There – Assassination Of Abraham Lincoln, 1865AD. 470707

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After the recent surrender, and end of the Civil War, the night is festive as president Lincoln prepares for a night on the town. CBS reporters interview key players as they await the arrival of the president. The affair has all the gala found in a modern red carpet event.

Ford’s theater is the focal point, and VIP’s of the nation’s capital are all in attendance. With the war over, the band plays Dixie at the presidents request. Reporters transition to the inside of the theater for a glimpse of the play that so many are going to see for some comic relaxation. A description of the theater layout and decoration is offered for the listener of the radio broadcast.

A shot rings out, and things grow hectic as reporters speculate over the full details. The president is taken to a near by shop to be layed out for medical attention, but he is never to recover. A manhunt is sent out for the shooter, and a series of attempted murders are told about.

What does it all mean? Will they catch the killer? Tune in all the way to the end for a moving dramatic portrayal of the last moments of one of America’s greatest presidents. Also some spooky premonitions that were had by the president himself, as told by one of his close aids. Condolance messages pour in from around the globe, from leaders of various world powers.

PS: according to one biography on general Grant, he was to have attended the play along with Lincoln. After some exhausting travel after the surrender, and eager to return home to his wife, he declined the invitation to be present in the presidential box, and was on a Westbound train at the time of the shooting. It is said that he regretted his decision, and was certain that if he were present, that things would have ended up differently.

Great Gildersleeves – Marshall Bullards Party. 450617

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The troubles of the daily routine are broken up when something strange is brewing at the Bullard home. Trying not to appear as being snoopy, Gildy discovers that the preparations are for a big social affair. Though the adults are baffled, Marjorie knows all about it. It’s a party for the young folk of town, but what is it about the party that has Marjorie so upset?

Gildersleeves is oblivious to Marjorie’s sudden apathy to his attempts to cheer her up. Will Ledroy’s suggestion work out? What is actually needed is a feminine touch. Good thing Leila Ransom is on hamnd.

As Marjorie heads out to be the belle of the ball, the guys are left at home. The ever annoying Craig Bullard comes over, since even his family has bribed him to disappear for a while. Leroy is left to entertain Craig, and Gildy seeks advice from his friend, Peavey. Together they show off their mechanical expertise.

Later, Gildy and Leila reflect on the fun that the party goers are having. Listen in to catch a few romantic moments, broken up only by Leroy’s interuptions. Gildy crons a tune under the June moon to his favorite gal, Goodnight Sweetheart.

Phil Harris – Coconut Grove – the Cop On The Corner. 1932

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Roll the clok way back for an early gvlimpse at a young Phil Harris, before he joined up with Jack Benny.


  1. Leah Raye sings, The Cop on the Corner.

  2. Phil sings, Underneath the Harlem Moon.
  3. The band plays, and Mr Smith sings, Nuts and Noodles.

Jack Benny – Jack Benny Grocery. 341014

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Audio is poor, but is worth giving a listen. It’s the first show for Jello, and Jack’s first use of his well known opening, “Jello everybody”. Don and Jack get in several jokes with the new sponsor as the theme. Mary gets in an age old joke, but when Jack tries it out on the cast, it goes over like a lead balloon, but somehow his failing is still funny.

Don Bestor’s number is snipped. Jack plows on with a fictitious trio, the Three Chicken Sisters, who do better at joking around than at singing. Their song gets snipped anyway. Frank Parker sings, but the number is snipped. A whole lot of snipping going on with this episode.

The featured attraction, inspired by the new sponsor is a play that takes place at a grocery store. Although full of humor, Jack and Mary could use a few lessons in customer service, but if they were any good at it, it wouldn’t be nearly as funny. Lots of jokes about food, and family relationships.

21st Precinct – The Cure. ep33, 540224

Posted by Keith on September 29, 2012

Working the night shift, Captain Canelli faces a quiet night. A patrol car is sent out to check on a crime in progress. The young woman claims to be single, but the drunken man the cops pick up claims he lives there. Of course, the man is taken in to the precinct. Is he a prowler, or just too drunk to have found his place?

There’s a minor scuffle, but in voiceover Captain Canelli describes police procedure in handling unruly prisoners, and reporting policy in those cases. The next morning, the man is questioned and he tells the truth about his name, and what he was doing. He tells a story of his former wife and his son, and that he actually did live there a long time ago.

In more voiceover Canelli tells the aftermath of the case. Is rehabilitation possible for George? The cops at least get the ball rolling in the right direction.

Cisco Kid – The Blacksmith. 531112

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The village blacksmith isn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer, and and is being used by a gang of thugs. As Cisco and Pancho enter the picture, we learn that they have been befriended by the blacksmith in the past. Sure proof that he’s a good man, just misguided by the hardcases in his life at the moment.

What dastardly plans do Curly and Earl have for the sheriff and his deputies? What kind of mess has Cisco walked into this time? Plans for murder and a bank robbery are laid with the purpose to set up the simple minded Jetty to take the blame. Gunplay breaks out during the bank robbery, and Cisco is hit. How badly is he injured?

Don’t worry, Cisco is OK, and he uses the ruse of being killed in the fight to lure the bandits into a false sense of security. He and Pancho also get the straight scoop from Jetty, who now sees the error of his ways. Can Cisco clear Jetty’s name, and bring the thugs to justice? Get ready for plenty of horse riding, gun toting action as Cisco saves the day.

Buster Brown Gang – Enchanted South Winds. 520920

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Don’t miss another installment of Kula and his magical genie. Smiling Ed gets to story rolling, and we find Kula having to face down a wicked witch. The witch has sent a magic spell to cause the four winds to blow, and wreak havvock on the land. The genie battles with his powerful magic, but it’s Kula who uses his brain to outsmart the witch. Armed with Kula’s plan, the genie has the strategy he needs to match his magic against the witch. Will the witch be bannished? Will the forces of nature be set free to return to doing good? I think you know, but don’t miss the adventure to see how things all work out.

Smiling Ed is joined by Health nut, Jim Nasium. First, Ed sings, the Bluetail Fly. With a thump on his magic twanger, Froggie the Gremlin appears and torments Jim as he talks about keeping fit. Will Jim ever tell the kids about how to play Cricket?

Dragnet – The Big Bible. 540928

Posted by Keith on September 28, 2012

Joe Friday and Frank Smith are working the nightwatch in the Homacide Department. They respond to a suicide call. After entering the locked room where the body is located, Friday interviews the man’s wife to get information, and details about the dead man. Then the mother in law is interviewed. A portrait of a broken marriage, and of the man’s life is brought out, but nothing to doubt a suicide was committed.

The lab later finds a discrepancy with the bullet that killed the man, and it becomes clear that the suicide is really a murder. The bullet is of a different calibre than the gun he held in his hand. Now the gun needs to be found, so the crime scene is reevaluated. The stories of the witnesses are reevaluated, and the mother in law breaks down and admits she did it.

Lights Out – The Author And The Thing. 430928

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Stories of the supernatual, and supernatural fantasy. If you are the type to scare easily, we urge you to turn off your radio now. In other words, don’t even think about downloading this episode of the podcast.

Arch Oberler, author of the Lights Out plays has a deadline to finish his current plays. His secretary is standing by as he has a bout of writers block. He talks to himself, tossing ideas around,story elements, situations, but nothing is developing. He knows he has to write, but just doesn’t want to. The author writes up a creature that seems to become real, and it’s coming to get him.

His brother stops in to see how the progress is coming, but gets eaten by the monster. The cops are called, but just like the brother, they can’t see anything. Only the author can. When the cops learn that he is Arch Oboler, they believe him even less. So, what do you do when you’ve created a monster that nobody can see? Warn people? Everybody that comes near you is eaten.

Arch has his lawyer come to his office, but he doesn’t believe the story. Has Arch Oboler gone insane? A court is convened. Expert testimony is given to prove sanity. Such a silly monster story, who would believe such a thing? Being the last show of the year long series, Arch Oboler ends the program with a permanent ending.