The life and Times of Bobby Fuller, The enigmatic genius that at only 20 years old had a recording career, a nightclub, wrote and produced records and turned Texas on it's ear. The man had it all. Scantly three years later he was found dead in his mother's car. Was it suicide or murder? Other than his top ten hit "I fought the Law" most of his music and the full story has never been seen or heard. That changes as we present the music and life and death of Bobby Fuller. Interviews with a Fuller biographer and words of some people that were there this show should not be missed.

A two hour extravaganza of Chess Records big talents and ground breaking singers in Blues and Rock n Roll. No other show has ever presented a lineup of most of the singers in the Chess Records stable in the 1950's and 1960's. Including Checker and Argo labels, 2120 South Michigan Avenue in Chicago was the original location of the Chess Brothers studio that presented ground breaking musicians form Blues and Rock n Roll and how it changed the music of this country and the world