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Candy Matson – The Fort Ord Story. 501009

Posted by Keith on June 30, 2012

Candy gets a phone call from an old pal who is a soldier. He asks her to attend a military party. Sounds innocent enough, but a mystery lurks beneath the surface.

She goes to talk to her old friend Rembrandt Watson to extend the invitation to him for the military ball. What’s a girl to do? Shopping for the perfect ball gown works, not to mention stopping off to talk to her sometimes boyfriend, Police detective Ray Mallard. He just might be a little jealous, but lets Candy know it in a special way.

Candy learns that she has been set up to be the star attraction in a fund raiser. Though she is less than thrilled over it, the situation is about to get worse. As she goes to meet Rembrandt, she discovers a body, sprawled over the railroad track, and with a train speeding down on him. Not that it would matter much since the man turns out to be a dead body.

True to her word, and to support the troops, Candy still heads out to the party, but only after reporting the dead man to the local cops. She dances the night away, and takes a break with one of the soldiers in attendance. He shows his true colors when he roughs her up, and knows an awful lot about her incident with finding the body earlier.

She recovers by taking a midnight stroll with a Military Policeman, and just her luck, she finds yet another body on the beach. It’s the guy who smacked her around at the party. What’s going on with this mystery?

As she returns inside after all her ordeal, a shadowy figure emerges from the corner of the room that Candy is in. Who is this psychotic guy? Will Candy manage to escape his clutches? And what has been his purpose for his killing spree?

Don’t worry, all the dots will be connected to explain all the questions and secrets behind the killer leaving his special calling cards.

PS: See what you get when you’re elected as Queen of the Ball? Note to self, no more acceptance of offers to be Queen.

Candy Matson – The Movie Company. 500911

Posted by Keith on June 23, 2012

Candy runs into her friend, police detective Ray Mallard on the movie set that is getting ready to shoot on location near her house. Take an audio glimpse behind the scenes of the movie set. In a moment of down time, a movie prop turns out to be a real live dead body.

It turns out to be one of the movie extras. Candy has to fend off the advances of the movie director as she is offered a part in the film. Enter a jealous movie starlet who jumps to the wrong idea about Candy and the director. Things get more complicated wen the film director also shows up dead. Actually, with the cast members in the show being reduced, the remaining number of folks to suspect is narrowing down.

But that’s no fun way to think. Besides figuring out who the killer is, what was their motive? How are the deaths connected? The extra hasnt been identified yet.

As Candy pokes around, she digs up more details to try to uncover the motive, and who had the opportunity. In the process, Ray Mallard gets just a little jealous of canddy, but this is no time to let emotions seep in. Before things get better, there’s plenty of suspenseful and tense moments. The killer is found out,but the horrors don’t stop.

At the end, Candy explains it all. A twisted tale of jealousy, blackmail, and lost love. And oh yeah, Candy makes up with Mallard and sacrifices herself in the name of love when she agrees to sit through one of those crazy, corny, western movies that Mallard is so fond of and she absolutely hates.

Candy Matson – Symphony Of Death. 500620

Posted by Keith on June 16, 2012

Candy is asked to look into a matter dealing with the brother of a friend. He’s said to be losing his mind, and working on a symphony of death. He certainly seems to be a little wacky.

He has a wierd story to tell, and a one finger symphony that is far from being fit to play before any audience. Is he being threatened by a mysterious man? What do his riddles in his speech mean?

No sooner is the decision made to put the mentally unstable man in a sanitarium, he is found dead, and his sister is picked up as suspect. Candy gets her friend Rembrandt Watson to help out with the musical clues the man left. Who killed the composer? The answer is odd, but a simple one.

Note: At the start of the show, an award is given for the quality of the shows in the series. Good thing it was awarded before this one was performed. Maybe they revoked it afterwards. The acting and production in this episode is indeed high quality. I think the writers need to be put in the aforementioned sanitarium though. Not so much a good mystery as a public service announcement for mental health.

On Stage 540923 ep77 Fascination

Posted by Keith on June 12, 2012

A story that examines the question of, “Why a woman loves a man.” Set in the old West, the question is more specifically why a good woman loves a bad man.

A man has robbed the bank, and the sheriff questions his girlfriend. The logical thing to do is to turn her back, and goe back East to flee from the disgrace that has been brought on her. She does return to her sister’s place where she can come to grips with her grief. A fresh start, and a new job, she even has a gent who is sweet on her. Then it happens.

Her bandit boyfriend shows up. Now her affections are put to the test. Who will she decide to stick with? The upright man who can give her a proper life in society? The bandit with the charming words and talks about romantic dreams of the future?

Though he claims his earlier robbery was a one time thing, he’s back to his old tricks. This time he tries to draw her into the crime. Has our lady seen the light? Is she already in too deep? You know what to do, listen in and find out.

CBS Radio Mystery Theater – Look Who’s Coming. 790611.

Posted by Keith on June 11, 2012

A long time married couple bicker over their tastes in television shows. Harry prefers science fiction shows for their escapist style, and detachment from reality. Florence prefers serials and soap operas, for their real life, human drama. She tries to explain why she likes them so much. It’s almost like real people you know, and you can stay in touch with the tragedy and good times in their lives. Going to his friend Mark, who is also a psychiatrist, Harry shares that he knows things aren’t quite right, but he’s not sure what to do to change. At least it’s a step in the right direction.

Wierd things begin to happen when what appears to be a science fiction show preempts Florence’s favorite soap opera. Is this a crossed signal at the TV station? Is her friends seeing this as well? Her friend, Grace, is Mark’s wife, but what answers might she be able to offer? When Florence brings up her thought that space aliens might be trying to contact her, Grace, Mark, and Harry are all ready to send her off to the mental hospital.

Is Florence becoming delusional, or are the space aliens real? Is this all a part of hidden emotions that Mark, the psychiatrist could help with? Listen in to see just how real the aliens are, and their true motive for contact. Learn what Harry can do for his wife, if anything. The peace and survival of the universe depends on it.

PS: For the sake of the episode, the aliens seem real enough. At the least, I think that this married couple could use a good dose of marital counselling. Nothing that a little communication, and understanding might not cure. Doing more to serve the needs of the spouce can go a long way in having your personal needs met. Don’t be afraid to be the one to act first.

Just my personal marital tip of the day.

Danger Doctor Danfield – Death Tunes in at 790 Kilocycles. ep22, 470112.

Posted by Keith on

The always serious, and straight laced Doctor Danfield puts his skill at criminal psychology against the world of radio comedy. He and his secretary, Rusty Fairfax, visit a radio studio, but they have special arrangements to watch the live show. Listen in as Doc Danfield describes the happenings at the rehearsal. Suddenly, a cry comes out that someone has been killed.

Dan and Rusty rush to the scene to start gathering clues. The players in the story include the show producer who discovered the murdered woman, and launched her career. He tells how she was ungrateful to him for her success. What do the rest of the show’s cast think of her? Get their opinions, and their whereabouts when the crime was committed.

What will Doc Danfield be able to dig up? Using his analytical process, he filters through all the emotional smoke and mirrors to prove who the real killer is. Lies are exposed as he applies some practical experiments to the situation, and recreates the event as best as he can. The lies help him put the finger on the guilty person, and in the conclusion of the show, Dan tells all. Listen in to learn how he figured it all out.

Command Performance – Eddie Cantor. ep1, 420301.

Posted by Keith on

Eddie Cantor is the first host on this first episode that will bring top celebrities to the air. All requests come from letters sent in from the troops themselves.

The line up includes:

  1. Bea Wayne sings her version of, Chatanooga Choo Choo.

  2. A rebroadcast snip of the recent Joe Lewis fight where he knocked out Max Baer is presented.
  3. Eddie jokes aboutthe the fight, and about Joe going into the military.
  4. Danny Kaye shares a comic and musical glimpse at his life and early beginnings.
  5. Dinah Shore sings, Blues in the Night.
  6. A birthday greeting goes out to a Sergeant then Merle Oberon is requested to be Eddie’s leading lady.
  7. An original drama kicks off where Eddie has to break the news to Merle Oberon, that he is to be her next leading man. How will he do it? How will she take it? Jokes on age and beauty are the topic. As part of the fun, the Mad Russian joins in.

PS: The show structure set by today would set the stage for all future shows. Soldiers, Sailors, and Marines would pour letters into the show to request stars, or themes for a show, or anything they missed from home, or just wanted to be put in the show. One thing the producers would drop is the birthday mentions. When shows were distributed, they were put on the “Mosquito Network” which meant the recorded disks were randomly distributed by small aircraft that took supplies to front line areas, and there could be no garantee of the date the shows were actually aired to the troops. Another thing that wasn’t seen much was the snips of news or sports coverage that was presented in today’s show. Maybe the producers figured that news reels were a better vehicle for those things. I’m not sure, but if you know, then drop me a comment.

Adventures in Research – The King of Ice. ep3, 430216.

Posted by Keith on

Modern conveniences were unheard of in times before the 19th century. For instance, ice was only a seasonal feature, and an unimaginable luxury in the tropics, until the Ice King.

A Boston man sailed to the tropics, and marveled that the natives there had no concept of ice, or what it might be. During one frosty New England winter he gathered tons of ice to sail it to the West Indies. In March 1806, the people in the West Indies were first introduced to a crazy American, and his boat load of ice. A government sized load of red tape needed to be cut thro9ugh before anybody could experience the mysteries of the cold stuff, but with the heat time is running out before his shipment melts away.

Though the unique substance was celebrated, it would take building better ice houses to keep his profits from melting away. He did lose money on that first shipment, but over the course of time the ice king managed to have a productive livelihood in his new found business.

Gunsmoke – Daddy-O, John McIntire. 560610

Posted by Keith on June 10, 2012

Matt Dillon rides back to Dodge after a month of riding the range. He’s surprised to learn the big news from Chester that Kitty and Sam have joined forces to become partners at the Long Branch. To top it off, Kitty also has news that her long lost dad is coming to town.

Will the reunion be a happy one? Will the proper impressions be made? In the words of Kitty, “I need a drink.” Drinks are had, and attitudes are relaxed, but Kitty still seems aloof. What’s the tension all about? What does her dad think about her owning a part interest in the salloon? After a couple weeks, Matt doesn’t trust the tense situation either.

Faced with leaving town to join up as part of her dad’s business in New Orleans, Kitty’s real feelings boil to the surface. Will she finally be able to stand up to her dad? Is the things she says true about him? Listen and decide for yourself.

Wierd Circle – The Werewolf. 440507.

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A detective investigates the appearances of a great white wolf. Is it just one of the local superstitions? To be married, a man is forced to recite a strange marriage oath. The bride has a couple of kids already, and the couple worry when strange things begin to happen. The white wolf threatens the cottage, the man protects his family, but the words of the strange marriage vow comes back to him, just a little too late.

Note: Stories from the old world of ancient Europe include vampires and werewolves. The original renditions are far from what is portrayed in books and movies today. Even in the early 20th century the images were romantisized for the times, and the imprint of the current social and religious ethic was firmly in place. This story seems to hold a little more close to the original idea, but dramatized a little.

The oldest beliefs about vampires, werewolves, and the like center around the idea that everybody has a double. Not a twin. Your double is your invisible soul that lives inside you. When a werewolf ran amok, the physical body was in a trance like state, and the subconscious is what became the wolf. No actual shape shifting. Along that line, witches spells affect your double. Your physical and conscious body was never affected, just your subconscious double. Make sense?

One final tidbit of useless info. A werewolf is always a man. A woman who does the same thing is a nightmare. Seriously, no puns intended.