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Red Panda Adventures (82) – Island of the Damned

Posted by greg on May 31, 2012

Lt. August Fenwick hasn't been doing that badly, for a useless fop dropped in the middle of a battlefield. Together with the rest of Parker's Rangers he has become an important pawn in the long game of Allied Command in occupied Europe. Some days he has almost come to believe that he understands the world and his place in it. Almost. But can any of that survive a trip to the Island of the Damned?

Richard Diamond – Diamond in the Rough – Barton Case. 490501.

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One signature feature of hard boiled detectives is to be able to take a licking and keep on ticking. Dick Diamond doesn’t disappoint when he takes a good roughing up, and is thumped on the head early on. He has been warned to steer clear of taking a case. Who is Barton, and what’s the controversy with taking his case? The wealthy man’s son was set up for murder, and the thugs who set him up would prefer to keep on letting the law think the kid did it.

When the price is right, and it’s worth Dick’s risking more danger with the thugs, he takes the case anyway. I guess money, and justice wins out over being shoved around by goons. Dodging the gangsters, Dick crosses paths with a gorgeous dame. Who is Lenore Brown, and what part does she play in the mystery?

Can Dick unravel his mystery before he gets another beating, and maybe the last one he’ll ever have? There’s sure to be gunplay as secrets are revealed. The man with the scar is found, but with all the loose ends, and too many crooks to count, justice comes at a high price. Mostly for the bad guys.

In epilog, Dick Diamond spends a few musical moments as he croons to his favorite gal.

Halls Of Ivy – The Sexton Award. ep22, 500531.

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Doc Hall is in line to receive the Sexton Award, and he’s getting ready for the black tie affair. When Merryweather visits we learn the award is to be used for the medical department at Ivy, and that nothing is to stand in the way of Doc Hall from attending. What could possibly keep him from the important meeting? An emergency arises that finds Doc Hall babysitting a couple rambunctious kids.

Elsewhere on campus, the regents of the college are meeting, and worried over Doc Hall’s absence. Will his absence cost the college a large endowment? Toddy tells Vicky after the fact, how his evening of babysitting went, and his visit by the very upset Mr Wellman. In the end, Toddy gets an unexpected surprise, and his time of babysitting pays off for Ivy.

You Bet Your Life – Secret Word, Book. 500531.

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Groucho Marx handles the questions, and the contestants include:

  • A consession seller at ball parks is teamed with a nightclub girl at Cerro’s. Groucho learns a little about the duties of the hat check girl, and some odd happenings on the job. How does her job compare to the ball park?

  • A dietician and a warehouse worker are up next. Groucho learns the man’s unique previous occupation, and a little about his married life. Groucho gives a little dating advice to the female dietician as he learns about her work at the hospital.
  • A pair of identical twins are up to round things out. Groucho has fun in trying to tell the two UCLA students apart.

Listen in to see who goes to the final round, and the big bucks. For a fast $100, all the contestants need to do is say the secret word.

Vic and Sade – Mr Chinbunny Wants To Smoke Cigars, Russell. 440602.

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Almost a complete word for word reproduction of an earlier script with Rush. Russel comes home with a special request for Vic. His school principal, Mr Chinbunny is a young man who feels he isn’t credible, due to his youth. To make himself appear older, and more mature, he thinks taking up smoking will do the trick.

Russel’s request is for Vic to teach Mr Chinbunny the proper technique for the deed. How do you go about teaching a man to smoke? Conflict arises when the Stembottoms want to come over to play cards. How will Vic be able to teach Mr Chinbunny if he’s busy playing cards? Not to worry, Vic is a multi tallented kind of guy. He’ll get it done.

Lum and Abner – On Safari. 411127.

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Lum has organized a safari, and given jobs to Abner and Cedric. Today we find them suffering hardships as they camp just outside of town. Lum is having the time of his life, but Abner complains at his ordeal. Can’t they move their tent so they could be closer to the fishing hole?

While Lum and Abner sit tight, Cedric is the beater, and is out beating the bushes to see if he can turn up the lion. Well, he’s actually out scaring up some lunch, since he doesn’t like Lum’s idea of roughing it either.

Abner is a little confused over the phrase, beating the bushes, but returns to complaining. When Cedric shows up, word of a sighting of Irving the lion promises to bring a quick end to Lum’s safari. Bravery time… maybe.

Captain Midnight – Chuck Successfully Takes Off. 400131.

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The big moment arrives and our heros watch Chuck lift off with his sick passenger. Captain Midnight explains the delicate maneuvering that Chuck had to make to survive the difficult take off.

Now all that’s left is to relax in camp and wait for Chuck to return tomorrow. Ben the prospector fades back into the jungle, and we learn that our friends will be able to maintain radio contact as they wait. It appears that our friends can breathe a sigh of relief. Hints of a future adventure are made, so don’t miss the next episode to see what happens next.

Fred Allen – Trouble Hearing Show, Robert Benchley. 421101.

Posted by Keith on May 30, 2012

As Fred enters he pokes fun at Arthur Godfrey then gets on with the News of the Week. The topic is about coffee lovers, and shortages of their beloved brew. A proposed ration to just one cup a day is the latest recommendation from Washington DC. Falstaff Openshore lends his poetic style with his latest one titled, Rinse out the Silex Mother. The Merrymacks, a former regular to the show get caught up with Fred, then they sing, Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammunition.

Portland wants to write letters to her family in the military, then Fred introduces his guest. Robert Benchley joins Fred to joke about his change in sponsors in recent months, and other topics to include draft boards, going to bars, and a little advice for the show.

Robert has a little play to demonstrate why he has a hard time hearing Fred’s show over his radio.

Fibber McGee and Molly – Escaped Convicts. 390530.

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Today we find Fibber and Molly walking along the street. Along the way they meet the Old Timer who jokes about peanut brittle. The window shopping leads our couple to Donald Novas who sings, I’m Building a Sailboat of Dreams.

After getting word from a newsboy about a prison break, Molly has raced home to protect her jewelry from the escapees. On his own, Fibber continues home at his leasure to meet a crazy character or two, and help with the mid show commercial. Abigail Uppington talks to Fibber about the happenings at her ladies club. Nick the Greek neighbor talks about fireworks, and plans that he has to celebrate the 4th of July. The Four Notes sing, Jonah and the Whale, (Lord Wasn’t that a Fish).

Though there’s more leftto the show, the audio file is short, so we never quite finish the song, and we don’t get to see if Molly made it safely home. I’ll bet she did though.

CBS Radio Mystery Theater – Curious Experience. 790530.

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A story by Mark Twain about the follies of war.

Wide eyed men muster to the glories of the brass and military pomp, but a scraggly youth slips through the lines to join up. Is his story true, or is he a spy? The new addition to the troop causes a stir with his excessive religious activity and prayers for his fellow members in the military band.

What is he up to? When his sergeant begins to investigate, and keep a close watch on the youth, the odd behavior pays off, and spy activity seems to have been uncovered.

Put under pressure, a convoluted tale that spies have infiltrated the camp emerge. Soon spies are identified everywhere, and fill the jail. With such an invasion, who will be left that isn’t locked up? Before it’s all over, the real secrets and lies are revealed, but only after the pompous and suspicious military leaders are made to look llike fools.