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Red Panda Adventures (80) – Murder From The Skies

Posted by greg on March 31, 2012

Trapped in Berlin, with winter coming fast, its easy to feel like the war is no bigger than a half a dozen people and the dangerous path they walk. But with the skies of Europe full of mysterious Nazi planes unlike anything the world has ever seen, the Allies' best hope might be a rag-tag band of escapees, and a mysterious secret agent. Can they act in time to stop... Murder From The Skies

21st Precinct – Case Of The Patient. ep18, 531103.

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The phone rings to report a robbery in progress. Captain Canelli tells in voiceover the details that send the police into action. Ride along in the patrol car as it responds to the call. The drama runs high when the thief is chased down, and gunplay comes into the action. Sirens blare as more cops are called to the scene, and ambulances race to the hospital.

Canelli compares notes with deetectives to see who was shot, and how badly they might be injured. What is known of their suspect? Will their man prove to be such a hard case from his hospital bed that he won’t inform on his partner? All the while, the robbers partner is on the streets adding a murder to the crime spree. Captain Canelli and the police work with the doctors as they tend to their prisoner’s care, and screen all visitors.

What kind of secrets might turn up? According to his estranged wife, Arthur is a veteran of Korea, and a former postal worker who is between jobs. What will it take for Canelli to crack this hardcase, and get the scoop on the other robber?

PS: In the story, the man is embarrassed that his wife has found out about his secret life of crime. With a job like postal worker, at least in our modern times, his explosion into the violent crime scene might get some tongue in cheek comments. The thing I noticed is his Korean war service. Though the character is played very low key, it could be a little bit of PTSD kicking in. When we learn who his partner in crime is, I’m sure the peer pressure angle didn’t help matters either.

Cisco Kid – Gunplay On The Riverfront. 530917.

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A rancher known as Count Steel runs his empire with the law of his guns. He’s said to be the black sheep of a wealthy family in England. Elsewhere on the range, Cisco gives Pancho a lesson on how to use a bull whip, when suddenly, cries for help reach their ears. After being rescued, Little Tommy tells how he had a mishap on his raft, but it doesn’t explain the gunmen taking potshots at him. Cisco goes to investigate the shooter while Pancho keeps Tommy safe.

What dangers await Cisco? What will he learn? The Count is certainly an odd type of outlaw who has no qualms about hunting down his prey, but also enjoys the sport when his opponent succeeds.

It’s not looking good for Cisco though when he finds himself tightly bound, and facing a blazing fire. Can Cisco escape? Will he be able to stop the count before he goes after Tommy? What does he want to prove by harming the boy? Get ready for some fistfighting justice as our heros reunite Tommy with his injured dad.

Let’s Pretend – The White Cat. 520816.

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Without the usual opening formalities, we get right to the story. It’s one of an old king with three sons, and they each face a challenge to see which one will be worthy to take over the kingdom. With help from a talking white cat, Kenneth is given magical charms to finish his ordeal. After a year of their travels, all the brothers return to show off their treasures. Kenneth wins, but he’s too humble to accept the kingship.

More challenges are done to give his brothers a shot at the throne. Each round of the challenge lasts a year, and more items are added to their list of goodies to retrieve. Being an AFRS presentation, a musical interlude is inserted in the middle of the show.

Back to the story. Again, Kenneth wins the contest with his magical charm that has been given him, but he doesn’t want to rule the kingdom. There’s still one last challenge, to find a girl to marry, and help in ruling the kingdom. When the year is up, the brothers return with brides, but all Kenneth returns with is his white cat. Imagine everyone’s surprise over a talking cat! But wait for her strange and tragic request. Happy surprises await for all.

Note: If you couldn’t tell, this is actually one of the many tales in the Arabian Nights. Names have been modified from their Middle Eastern ones so English speaking kids can relate better.

Black Museum – The Khaki Handkerchief. ep21, 1952.

Posted by Keith on March 30, 2012

It’s the kind of a handerchief that a soldier might use, but you can bet it didn’t belong to any hero. Orson Wells shows an exhibit or two in the Black Museum, then focuses on today’s item in question.

Telephones ring, doorbells buzz, but nobody has seen or heard from Cathy. The search seems endless for the worried mom. When the tiny body is found, it becomes time for the professional manhunters to get in on the action. The police question neighborhood school kids and learn important details. An army truck is identified, and the grim routine of trudging through channels begins.

Eventually a specific unit is identified and tracked down. The evidence all matches, and the police close in. Orson Wells offers voiceover to drive home the mundane nature of police work, and waiting for details to sift through the system. The endless waiting paysoff when out of the anonymity of the army, a particular soldier is dentified and placed at the scene. Then as if any further proof is needed, a bigger break comes in to nail the case tightly closed.

American Trail – Samuel Slators Machine, 1789. ep05, 1953.

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Samuel Slater is a mostly unrecognized figure from America’s early history. He came from England to bring plans to duplicate the textile machinery used over there to set up cotton mills in America. At that time raw materials that were produced in North America had to be sent overseas to be processed, then shipped again back here for Americans to use.

Worries that machines would take over men’s jobs arise. The episode doesn’t go there, but England wanted to corner the market on the textile industry, and didn’t like the idea of losing ground. For decades to come though, cloth made in England was considered a finer material than that produced anywhere in the world. In the episode, the claim is that Americans preferred foreign cotton, and refused to buy the product of Slater’s machines. To counter this, more cotton was produced in an effort to drive the cost down.

Will it work? Hard work from a hard headed, but decent man proves to win the hearts of the locals. The audio cuts off here, but in the part missing, we can guess that this incident also signifies the launch of the industrial revolution in America.

Lum and Abner – New Methods Not Working. 411003.

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The salesmanship book hasn’t worked out so well so far, but Lum and Abner haven’t quite given up on it yet. Today, as Lum has gone to lunch, Abner and grandpap enjoy a game of checkers. When Lum catches them red handed, grandpap is told about the book to make them more modern and efficient.

Squire comes in and offer his services at slick salesmanship, and Lum is ready to jump at the offer. Instead, Abner talks him out of it, and when Squire leaves, grandpap explains how their efforts have been too over zealous. The store would do better if they went back to being themselves, and return to the casual nature of the Jot ‘Em Down Store.

PS: I think grandpap may be right, but it was funny while it lasted.

Superman – Last Of The Clipper Ships, 5of20, 410314.

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Clark confronts the captain about strange events, including the most recent. He had caught the helmsman sailing a wrong course.

A storm approaches, and again the helmsman is confronted, but has no excuse. Clarks suspicions are not satisfied. As Superman, he flies back to Metropolis, trusting the crew to handle the storm as it increases.

Jimmy comes onboard to join in with the adventure and drama of the crew.

PS: What? Clark is suspicious as danger approaches, so he leaves the ship? And a crew that would let passengers on board, especially kids, when a storm is brewing? It’s a situation just ripe with stupidity.

You Bet Your Life – Secret Word, Name. 500329.

Posted by Keith on March 29, 2012

The comedy quiz series produced in Hollywood, featuring Groucho Marx.

  • A couple of people with unusual occupations, a costume designer for a circus, and a ticket taker at a burlesque show. Find out what it’s like to be married to a circus clown, and about some of the exotic acts at the bvurlesque house.

  • A fireman and a housewife are next. Just what do firemen do in between putting out fires? Does the housewife hav any fire hazards at home?
  • An engaged couple round out the show. Get the word on wedding plans, pet names for each other, and more.

Somebody is going on to the final round for the big bucks. Be sure to listen to see if anyone says the secret word. Let’s just say this could be one sweet honeymoon for somebody.

Dick Tracy – Case Of The Man Without A Head. 450920.

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Previously Dick and Pat were assigned to find the killer of 3 women. Today we join Dick as he questions the mother of one of the women, and has the hard job of telling of the murder. Though Mrs Smith is distraught, will she be any help in identifying the killer?

Elsewhere, we find George and Hoppy. George is on edge, but Hoppy is calm and collected as they talk over their robberies, and crimes. Back with Mrs Smith, just as Dick has her comforted, and the story told to her as he knows it, a phone call has he and Pat back on the job, responding to another crime.