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Philip Marlowe – The Dancing Hands. ep25, 490319.

Identical twins are at the center of Marlowe’s investigation. Going to meet his new client, he takes in a nightclub act where the twins perform on stage. Philip gets a good look at his client, and is descriptive as he tells about the act.

A scream from backstage has Marlowe springing into action. Edie is one of the twins, and she tells about a man who stole her purse, and that her twin, Beth is missing. Rough characters begin showing up, and there’s more going on than just a few missing bucks from a green purse.

Paths cross with high stakes gamblers, and Marlowe confronts his client over the lies and coverups. With one body on the scene, things get hot. Can Marlowe find the missing money, and twin, before worse things can happen?

Danger is in store as Philip tries to make sense of who did what, and why. Not to mention a showstopping twist to end it all.

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