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Great Gildersleeves – Aunt Hattie Stays On. 450218.

Posted by Keith on February 19, 2012

As Gildersleeves shares the news that aunt Hattie is to leave soon, he and Leroy share a moment of jubilation. Keeping their excitement respectful, they get ready for the day. At the breakfast table, the family go overboard in making Hattie’s last day a nice one. Are they overdoing it?

In responce to a remark that Hattie made, Gildy has pushed Judge Hooker and Hattie together for some alone time, while he goes out to hang out with some of his friends. The Jolly Boys club enjoy a few rounds of poker, and general good times. Can anything bring Gildy down from his high spirits? Just wait for the big news when he gets home. If you’ve read the title of the show, you’ll know. What has made Hattie decide to stay around?

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