Great Gildersleeves – Hayride. 491228.

  • Bruce L. Ham

    Actually this sends the message of just plain old time
    respect and friendships created through time. Some times youj
    just have to do things within reason for the friendship

    • Hi, this is Keith wearing my site admin hat. Sorry I got back to your comment so late.

      I can agree lGildie’s friends changing their plans indeed shows a deeper friendship than the show sometimes lets on. More often than not, Bullard is Gildy’s arch rival, and they don’t seem to get along on the surface. To me they aren’t quite as close as Gildy and Fibber were before he left to take care of Leroy and Marjorie. He and Fibber could fight just like He does with Bullard, but with Fibber, we saw them doing things like playing checkers, or other things a couple of buddies might do. Gildy never does that with Bullard. At least I’ve not found an episode where he does. I’ll allow that I could be very wrong on the matter.

      I like hay rides. I’ve been on sleigh rides. I can enjoy fun in the snowy, wintery weather. I suppose my original comment came from the fact that at that very moment in time, we had some illness in the house, and there ain’t no way for family or friend that I would have gone out and made health matters worse.

      Glad to have your comments. Keep on listening to the shows, reading the pages, and write more.