Wierd Circle – Middle Toe Of The Right Foot. 450521. (retro352).

Wierd Circle – Middle Toe Of The Right Foot. 450521. (retro352).

Two men seem set out to do a mission. On the way the sheriff, Tom, recounts the history of the house that is said to be haunted, and a long lost love.

Tom was sweet on Gertrude until he learned about a birth defect. She is missing the middle toe of her right foot, and the imperfection has put him off. Wow, maybe his name should be Petty instead of King.

Time marches on, Gertrude has married, Tom has become sheriff. Then one day she comes to ask for help, and has troubling news about her farm. Tom promises help, but by the time he arrives with the town doctor murder has left it’s mark at the farm house. Gertrude’s murderous husband, Manton, is never seen or heard from again.

Ten years after the killing, a stranger in town, named Grossmith, is recognized as the dead woman’s husband. Ill feelings are sparked, and end up in a duel. Sheriff Tom has a trick up his sleeve to insult the stranger even further. The plan goes off without a hitch, but something even creepier awaits that nobody ever expected.

Bonus Track:
Betty Hutton. 1943. Murder He Says.