Steve Allen – Al Jolson. 491026.

  • Kevin Deevey

    It isn’t there…I just looked. Some FYI: Tex Beneke (he took over THE GLENN MILLER ORCHESTRA after Glenn disappeared in 1944, and that’s Tex singing “Chattanooga Choo Choo” and “I’ve Got a Gal in Kalamazoo”), Hopalong Cassidy (aka William Boyd, whose career was kickstarted again as a result of his movies packaged for sale to early TV), and Jolie wasn’t out of work. He was plugging JOLSON SINGS AGAIN.

    • Keith

      Darn, there’s so many classic TV shows there, and on, I was hoping that somebody had something to post.

      Good call on Tex Beneke, I wasn’t aware that it was him who took over for Glenn Miller. My claim to such knowledge is limited to what I hear on the old radio shows themselves. Or the stray podcaster, interview, or biography I can dig up to listen to, or read. There’s not always a lot of folks out there offering info like that, that’s why I do what I do. When I’m wrong on something, put me in my place. I’d rather keep it true than hav my opinion be claimed as right.

      Thanks for the info on William Boyd as well. Makes sense about Jolson. I knew that movie was made, but I wasn’t aware it was at this time.

      Keep on setting me straight.

      • Kevin Deevey

        You’re welcome, Keith. I run the REMEMBERING AL JOLSON page over on FB (drop by!) , so after discovering you as the result of a Google search (the first site didn’t have good audio, you were second), I ambled over here. As for sources, they’re around, but difficult to find. Pleased to meet you! 🙂

        • Keith

          Certainly, I’ll have to check your Facebook page out.

          I haven’t got a lot on Al Jolson here, mostly shows where he was the guest. I’m in the middle of doing some rearrangements to the line up of shows I post on the podcast. Trying to round things out with more Mystery, Suspense, and Westerns.

          Also a reformat of my Retro Original channel is in the works, and about to make a debut. If I feature any of the Al Jolson shows, I’ll look forward to asking you for your insights on him. Or if you care to take part in more general areas of OTR, let me know 2o keep you in the loop.

          Nice to meet you as well, and glad that you found the site.

          • Kevin Deevey

            I’d like that! I love OTR in *all* its forms. I don’t know if you were around to listen to the CBS RADIO MYSTERY THEATRE produced by Himan Brown (which ran from 1974 to 1982), but I have *very* fond memories of listening to that show. Just FYI (there’s that term again! LOL) , the REMEMBERING AL JOLSON page is a closed site, so I can monitor it more closely and get rid of the spammers, crack-pots, etc. In other words, you’d have to join up. I’ll be looking for your request to join!