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Cisco Kid – Wreck of Old 13. 530430.

In the New York office of the railroad, the executive talks with his assistant about a train with superstitious baggage about it's being unlucky. The executive's daughter isn't having any of it, and insists she's going out West on it.

Later out on a western track, a couple of shady railroad workers see their chance for a quick buck. They use the unlucky train to plan to kidnap the executive and hold him for ransom. Cisco and Pancho ride up as the workers are sabotaging the track. For now, Cisco buys off on their excuse.

While the train is stopped, the daughter thinks Cisco and Pancho are bandits, but they quickly set her straight. It doesn't help their case though when through an accident, Pancho is at the throttle of a run away train.

Cisco and Pancho have to fight their way to freedom to get away from the sheriff. Though the train executive thinks he's safe, and talks with his daughter, he is about to realize the real danger. Fortunately, by this time Cisco remembers what he saw earlier, and swoops in to prevent the kidnaping in a big fight scene.

Properly redeeming himself, he recieves the gratitude of the railroad man. Time to cover your eyes and ears kiddies, there's a mushy ending as Cisco has parting words with the cute young daughter. Don't worry, it's pretty tame this time.

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