Lum and Abner – Town Of Waters Becomes Pine Ridge. 360426.

Lum and Abner – Town Of Waters Becomes Pine Ridge. 360426.

During the hundred year anniversary of Arkansas, a special dedication ceremony took place. The governor announces his pride in the events of the day. First to change the name of the town of Waters to Pine Ridge, and to honor two of Arkansas favorite sons, Chet Lauck and Norris Goff. He talks about some of the history of Arkansas, then a little about the background of Chet and Norris. He also briefly recounts the events of how and why the Post Office came to petition to rename it’s self, and thus the renaming of Waters to Pine Ridge came about.

Chester Lauk is invited to the microphone, and is eloquent as he shares his pride to be a native of Arkansas, and his feelings about the centenniel. Slipping into character, Lum shares a word or two on the honors of the day.

Next, Norris “Tuffy” Goff takes the mike to tell about getting started in radio, and how he feels about his home state audience, and the pride he feels in having the town name changed. He also slips into character and Abner shares a few words at the cheering of the crowd.

The real life Dick Huddleston says a couple words. The governor returns to the mike and calls Dick to stand on the podium as he bestows the declaration to officially change the name of Waters to Pine Ridge. Dick has a few more words in appreciation of the honors, and encourages listeners to visit Pine Ridge and enjoy the hospitality.

With only a minute left, there’s time for one more real life character from Pine Ridge. It’s Uncle Cling Willheit, age 79, and the person who grandpap Spears is based on.