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Jack Benny – Ed And The Vault. 550403.

Jack is to do another TV show, but first he and Rochester is at home, trying to fill out Rochester’s income tax form. Jack lends a hand with the line items to help make sense of the form.

Jack realizes that he owes Frankie Remley money for a lost bet, so he heads down to his vault, complete with running commentary and sound affects about his aligators, echoing footsteps, creaking vault doors, and the like. After the password is given, Ed tells his latest news, then after the vault alarms are tested Jack has his cash, and Ed shares his last memories of how old Jack was when he first came to the vault. Imagine! After all these years, Jack hasn’t managed to age much.

Jack invites Ed to take a break, and go upstairs for a change. Ed marvels at the modern technologeies. When Jack explains the fridge, even Rochester marvels. Don stops in with the Sportsmen. They are planning a fishing trip, and sing modified lyrics to, Mister Sandman.

Jack introduces Don to Ed, but the excitement of the day has worn Ed out. Dennis is at the door to tell why he was going to need to miss rehearsal. Suicide seems pretty extreme, but it is the build up for a few jokes.

The song is snipped, and Everyone begins to leave. Even Ed is gone. Rochester tells what he knows about the situation, and Don accompanies Jack to the police station to report a missing person. Jack looks through a line up, then goes to the Missing Persons Bureau. Where could it be? Jack finds it, and Frank Nelson is in charge of it, or at least is the acting man in charge to deliver the insults.

Meanwhile, Rochester finds Ed. Though Jack wants to have more fun and show Ed a good time on the town, its just too much for the poor old guard.

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