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Jack Benny – Easter Parade. 490417.

At Jack’s house, Rochester makes comments behind Jack’s backas Jack finishes getting dressed for the big Easter Parade. Rochester finds Jacks diaray and reads a few lines from it. He shares a few candid moments from his trip to New York, including a joke about Fred Allen.

Mary stops in and after compareing fashions with Jack, they head out for their stroll in the Easter Parade. They run into one of Jack’s Beaver scouts who shows off his Easter bunny. Mary soon learns the secret behind her Christmas present. Jack and Mary sing the happy Easter song from the Fred Astaire and Judy Garland film.

They spot Phil on the corner, but he can’t join the parade since he’s doing the city a favor. Phil gets teased about being conceited. At least Jack gets some strokes about his blue eyes. The song reprises, then Professor LeBlanc complains about his low pay, and tells of his suicidal tendancies.

The happy Easter song continues. The telephone operators comment on the people on the streets, and the fashions. After another song reprisal, Don is on the street and is teased about his size. Jack pops into a drugstore to pick up some more cigarettes. Frank Nelson is the clerk, and it all is just a big plug or the sponsor, of course.

The walking and singing continues. Mr Kitzel is on the street, and talks about his wife, and his dinner plans. As Jack begins again, he encounters Sidney Sheldon, the race track tout. He doesn’t offer any advice or try to talk Jack out of anything, it’s his day off.

Mary and jack sing, and walk, and meet up with Dennis Day. Dennis tells about his Easter Egg hunt, and the mess it made. As they walk Dennis sings, In Your Easter Bonnet.

PS: If a lot of this show sounds familiar, it should. Though the jokes are recurring from Easter show to another, and the Happy Easter song, There’s enough difference to keep things freshend up. It’s not just a reran transcription, or different actors reading the same script. Although there’s not the same kind of diversity as the host of Christmas shows that Jack Benny produced through the years. Gotta love that Happy Easter song.

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