Jack Benny – Code Of The Hills. 360503. (retro317).

Jack Benny – Code Of The Hills. 360503. (retro317).

The 4 year anniversary of Jack Benny on the air. Audio is a bit staticky. Don flashs back to reactions of the past sponsors when hearing that Jak was to host the show. Don compares Jack’s longevity to other radio performers. The audio gets choppy as telegrams roll in with congradulations. The cast seem to have forgotten the special day, but give tribute in their own way. .

Former cast members show up with congradulations. Previous bandleader, Don Bestor jokes around with Mary and Jack. The band is led by the two conductors, Johnny and Don, as they play.

An old running gag returns as Frank Parker arrives to… give Jack the bird?

After Kenny sings, Wishing Well, the play begins. The whole cast joins in for the hillbilly themed skit, Code of the Hills. The Parkers and the Benny’s are feuding over old jokes. Johnny’s band plays as the shooting goes on. In the heat of battle, Jack gets a visit from Schlepperman.

News bulletin: the sponsor has a brand new product. Jello ice cream mix. Yum!

Bonus Tracks:
Hillbilly Boys. 1939. Please Pass the Biscuits Pappy.