Fred Allen – The Mumbo, Or Who Stole The Elephant From Billy Nose. 360122.

  • LittlePumpkin

    ooohh.. sorry to say, this copy is very poor. Lots of artifacts and lack of bandwidth. The amateur opera singers are actually quite good. Maybe playing this file, and not using good speakers or not using headphones the audio would not sound so great. I doubt any female singers right now, singing in any theatre in this generation could come close to these two and I’m not exaggerating. Their tone is remarkable, both of them. What is missing is a proper orchestra behind them, and a conductor to keep time. Regarding this copy there MIGHT be a better file on archive, or on d.u.m.b’s “variety website” in their old time radio streamer, but there’s may be the same as OTRR’s on archive I fear. But, you’ve probably come a lot further considering this was posted six long years ago.

    • Thanks for the observations. I’ll dig around and try to find a better copy.